Sheep Cloud

When the moon is in hiding, sometimes I spend the darkness in the woods. I’d like to think that the critters could use a little beacon when light abandoned the night. So I carried my gas lamp and vanish into the shadows of the towering pines and oaks.

I heard my dog barked, he found our spot. He is an old dog, his chocolate fur is turning to a pale shade. I wonder how many more invisble moon is left for us.

The light flickered and danced, the critters saw the beacon and silently relished the warmth. Then out came a WOOF from my dog. I looked up and knew they arrived. The familiar white plump hovering above the ground, the sheep clouds. They always managed to come. Their fleece catches the light from my lamp and reflects a brighter one. Their rounded plumpness reminds me of the moon. Maybe the moon doesn’t abandon us at all. Maybe the moon for some nights decides to turn itself into little pieces and graze our soil, bringing small gift of light from the heavens.

“WOOF” my dog barked, I looked up and know that the sheep clouds are going. Tomorrow the moon will take a peek and shine again.

Commissioned Artwork: Ms. ViVien Uy,


7 thoughts on “Sheep Cloud

  1. Beautiful, Sab.:) I teleported in the story haha! Read this and some financial stuff from Ray’s blog for my lunch today :))

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