Coffee for Book Crocs

There is a land where books breathe life. Grazing on its land are variety of book species and the book owners that got whisked away by the Bull (or perhaps kidnapped at will the book owners). Only a Bull can transform and give the book owners a ride to the pages of the book they are reading.

There is one particular specie though, a rare one called Book Croc. These large, green scaled book spirits have a powerful olfactory nerve that can detect coffee beans from a distance. Book Crocs love the smell of a newly roasted coffee. Like a cat to a catnip, they get swept away by its aroma and it always made them fall asleep.

If a book reader with a cup of coffee happened to be reading as the last light of the day fades, the book crocs will take them away, lost in the aroma of coffee and book pages in the land where books breathe life.

Commissioned Artwork for Bea and for her friend

Watercolor, Pens with Silver Acrylic on acid free watercolor paper

A special thank you to Bea and your friend for finding me and making my art part of your friendship. I am truly humbled by your story. Everyone deserved to have a friend like Bea 🙂



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