Unorthodox Art Workshop

 I’ll be conducting my first ever workshop in partnership with Shelved Wishes this 26th of August at Roots Katipunan. The workshop will highlight 2 topics : How to create stories in characters and illustrating with felt tip pens mixed with watercolor, food coloring, tea/coffee washes and pens.

This has been one of my project goal list since 3 years ago but haven’t had the guts to act on it because:

a. I don’t know what to teach

b. I’m a better student than a teacher

c. Not a good speaker

But this year is about ticking off these small boxes on my project wish list one by one and doing more so I am thankful for the opportunity that Shelved Wishes gave. Thank you Raine!

The target goal for this workshop is to help our students explore and be more curious with creating unusual stories and introduce using felt tip pens and other mediums that they can incorporate on their creative process. 🙂 I might sound like a Pro here but NO I AM NOT (<—-that’s a disclaimer ) I’m planning to ask other artists on their processes in story telling and character build up to make sure our syllabus will be varied and grounded. And I promise to do my assignment this weekend to finalize how the workshop will flow, right now its just a sketchy handwriting on a piece of demented-looking paper. All of those after finishing my laundry. 😀

So, I’m hoping you can join us!  Register now to reserve your slot. See you!

On a side note, its such a sad and gloomy morning knowing another creative soldier died. Chester Bennington’s songs has been part of my growing up years. Its just sad waking up to the news today 😦 I’ll notch up to high volume your voice inside my head today.

I’ve always thought that suicide was seen by many but never resonated deeply until someone they know fell on it. Let’s be more mindfully kind to anyone because we’ll never know who is suffering amongst this vast population of emotions and thoughts. If you are suffering from depression or you feel alone, you never are. Talk to people whom you trust and listens without judgement. Ask help.


2 thoughts on “Unorthodox Art Workshop

  1. Good luck with that workshop! 😀 If memory serves me correctly, the space where Roots Katipunan is right now used to be a computer shop. Used to frequent that for a game of C&C Generals or Red Alert 3 haha!

    And yes, another music icon has left us. Just two months after Chris Cornell’s passing, Chester Bennington followed (on the same day as Cornell’s birthday.) Incidentally, Chester played at Chris’ funeral. 😦

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