Shelved Wishes by the Artists for the Artists

When I received an invitation from Raine to join this collaborative project, I was really stoked and said yes in a heart beat. She briefly told me her plans and what the project is about. Raine wanted to reach out and find other artists that are hidden from the art scene both online and real life. Because it is formed by artists, the project also aims to help each other to elevate their craft and create connections.

There will be 3 batches of artists and at the end of the project, we hope to exhibit all the artworks of the participating artists. We are self-funding this project and there’s no better way to do this by sharing our work to people, both aspiring artists and those who wanted to develop their craft.

We recently launched these postcard prints of our works that depicts our childhood dreams. These are dreams that we still haven’t achieved yet. We  still believe that reality would meet these never-fading images painted in their minds.


Here are the 1st batch of artists for Shelved Wishes and their work:

Away From Home by Rex “Dasig” Aguilar

The night is shimmering and the weather is cold.
The buildings are listening in quietness
and the lights are flickering around like stars.
The line bars are talking and the rivers are swinging.
The night will be remembered
Far, far, far, away from home.

He is a member of Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan and a full time visual artist.
Works on the website:


Curiosity Emporium by Sab Palmares

Somewhere in this space-time continuum is a patch of my own world.
Roofed by the blue space of flying blips and of the red baron.
Critters of imaginary roam free and light illuminated by the far town, beyond the sea.
One day I’ll have my own emporium where curiosities are democratic and the
possibilities are limitless.

Freelance Graphic Designer and a Curious Illustrator. She befriends the critters and the imaginary.
Sab have 2 cast named Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent.
Works on the website: fb/ig: @mustardworld/


Carousel by Kevin Roque

From what I remember I haven’t ridden a carousel in my entire life.
I always saw one on theme parks but I’ve never had the chance to go for a run.
In this day and age, it just reminds me of the things I missed during my childhood.
Now that I’m already a grown up I know that I could not ride one
anymore because it would kill the romance.

Kevin Roque is best known for his highly intricate pencil drawings with an immense level of realism.
His works have dark undertones and are atmospheric in nature which conveys a sense of mystery
and nostalgia.
Works on the website:

In the Ballet Class by Raine Sarmiento

With passion, I will always paint ballerinas.
I will always paint women in tutus, with their hair tied up in buns,
legs all stretched up on tiptoes, hands lifted, continuing the arms’ long lines.
I will always imperfectly paint ballerinas, until that day when I’ll be able
to correct every detail based from my firsthand knowledge.

Most of her works are composed of the human figure, and are well recognised for their
muted and warm color palette. She currently works as a book illustrator, and a contributing
illustrator to a local newspaper.
Works on the website:, Facebook @rainesarmiento, Instagram @rainesarmiento


See You Space Cowboy by Borg Sinaban

To be able to explore the vast unknown, and fly through the sea of infinite stars.
To cross planets teeming with life and traverse countless galaxies as far the eye could see.
A yearning to spy on multicolored stars and ever-shifting solar storms with one’s own eyes.
All these things and more are nothing but the desires of youth and wishful thinking.
Stemmed from one’s daydreams of childhood wonder of one’s uncertain future.

Borg Sinaban is a Filipino cartoonist/illustrator living and working in Manila, specializing in
illustration for science fiction/fantasy books, comics, and young adult novels.
Works on the website:, Facebook @borgdraws, Instagram @borgdraws


These postcard prints are currently available for Php 400 at following stores:
Roots Katipunan
Unit 106 FBR Arcade Building,
317 Katipunan Avenue Barangay Loyola Heights, Quezon City
All prints are signed by all the artists.

We are also looking for other collaborators who is interested to work with us.

Visit us on IG and FB @shelvedwishes

All artworks shown are all original and created by the artists. No artworks may be reproduced in any manner without the consent of the artist.


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