Shelved Wishes: Curiosity Emporium

Somewhere in this space-time continuum is a patch of my own world. Roofed by the blue space of flying blips and of the red baron. Critters of imaginary roam free and light illuminated by the far town, beyond the sea. One day I’ll have my own emporium where curiosities are democratic and the possibilities are limitless.


Had a chance to collaborate with four other artists: Raine Sarmiento, Borg Sinaban, Dasig Rex Aguilar and Kevin Roque for the Shelved Wishes Postcard Project. We created illustrations based on our childhood (or adult-child)dreams. This is a brain-child project of Raine and I’m pretty stoked to be even invited to collab with them 😀

Ever since I watched the old classic Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, I wanted my own emporium like that. hihi, only mine is somewhere up in the mountain inside an attic, painting away the time.

Anyway, the postcards will be soft launching this June 24 at La Bella Tagaytay Art and Organic Market via Ang Ink Booth 🙂 Pre-orders are also being accepted via Raine’s IG account @Rainesarmiento. I’ll be featuring soonest the rest of the artworks from Borg, Raine, Rex and Kevin. Meanwhile, welcome to my little emporium! 🙂


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