Rite of Passage

I had a recurring dream back when I was kid in 1992, I’ll be seven on the following year. The dream transports me in a vast sepia terrain, the sun was always up and there was a dry hot air blowing. And there was this man, an old man whose nose was crooked. On other dreams he would fashionably wear a long white robe and there are also memories of him wearing just a pair of pants. I never feared him but the old man would always place a boulder on my shoulder. A big boulder that seems to have been knock off from the side of a mountain. It was heavy and I feared that it will crush me. He will always be perched on a rock watching me grit my teeth and sometimes he would cackle a laugh. I did not fear him but the act of carrying the boulder gripped me with all the scares I know.

Then in one dream, I just saw him beaming at me. He never made me carry a boulder, we just walked and he was conversing though I cannot remember his words. I turned seven a day after and never saw the old man in my dreams again.

They said it was a dream most children have when they are growing up and vanishes. I’d like to believe this as a the rite of passage, shedding the purest human innocence of a kid to receive the gift of free will and human consciousness

Commissioned Artwork for Bernard Llanto
Watercolor and Acrylic on Acid free watercolor paper

*Story is taken from a childhood “dream” memory that I had. They said the old man making you carry a heavy object during your childhood dream is pulp fiction. Though I cannot remember hearing or reading about the old man prior to these recurring dreams.

Also the last commisssion until I took. Commission is currently closed until September to make way for collaborations and personal projects. To those still inquiring, really sorry i won’t be able to accomodate as this moment. Again, Salamat sa lahat ng nag-pa commission! When I opened the commissioned artwork last December di ko alam na seryosong may mag-papagawa. Super thank you sa inyo at pasensya na sa bagal.

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