Showalter’s Moon

The sky was red yesterday. A shepherd’s warning, it will rain tomorrow. I read it somewhere before. True enough, it was a downpour of summer rain when I left the library. But I had an umbrella with me, because I trusted yesterday’s forecast. I walked faster than the usual, I don’t want this book to get wet.

I went straight to my room, opened my knapsack and from it produced a book about a boy who never grew up. He lives in a treehouse with hordes of little men and he fight off a pirate with a hand of a hook. There’s three children that he brought from London and fairies. I hate fairies. No boys like that but they have pixie dust, one ingredient away to flying, which makes the book fascinating. All men would love to fly with no modern contraption attached to their body. Imagine if I could fly. I’ll go up the Tibetan mountains and reach Everest, skipping all the behemoth ice falls. If I could fly, I’ll visit Mars, maybe Blackbeard was hiding there and we’ll fight for territorial rights of Mars. Or  I can go to thesecond star to the right, and straight on till morning and live with the boy who never grew up. If I could fly, anything is possible.

So I picked up some dust from the top of the book shelf, sprinkled it on me and thought of a happy thought. hmmm…hamburger, fire truck, milky way… then I jumped from bed to floor. Nothing happened. Again, hmmm…tower of ice cream, baseball, galaxies… Nothing.

I knew now, no dust from my shelf is a pixie dust. Human is limited, physically. It’ll take thousand of years to reach the second star. But as I sit on this porch, a glass of brandy in hand, I looked up and hope you know that I named a moon after you, the shepherd moon of Saturn.  Good night, Pan.

Commission Artwork for Pan (anonymous, I really don’t know his/her name)
c/o Bernard Llanto
Watercolor, Pens with gold poster paint on acid free watercolor paper
* Thank you Pan for this commission and also Bernard. Story is inspired with my fascination with the galaxies and space.  Saturn has 62 moon, I wonder how many night times they have, haha, joke. My niece mentioned weeks ago about the name of one of its moon, Pan. I thought it’ll be nice to tell the story about the man who discovered that moon, Mr. M.R. Showalter in 1990. Though it was originally name after Pan, the Satyr Greek god of nature and the forest .


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