Carrying my Spirit Animal

For two weeks, my spirit animal ( I think is a bear) went on auto-hibernation. From past years I have noticed that this happens when I over-work from my day job as a freelance graphic designer. The time allotted for personal illustration decreases and sometimes my spirit animal is too tired to pick up a pencil and mule over an artwork. I need to finish the last commissions before I start on another project, so my inner bear picked the wrong season to sleep. Bear doesn’t want to wake up so I need to carry him for a while so we can get by.

 I decided to practice quick sketches and small illustrations to pass by this phase. Today, I tried speed-copying-paint some  watercolors of Ghibli Studio’s Princess Mononoke Art Book. My friend Nica gave it to me 2 years ago when she went to her first Japan Trip. Here’s the sketches I did.

Ghibli’s sketches are so simple and well, very sketchy. I never learned how to sketch like that, I am too focused on detailing that speed sketching like this is too hard for me. A fellow artist LittleMissSaiyan showed me her sketchbook before and she can do simple lines and outlines that forms figures. The trick, she said is that the pencil should always kiss the paper.  I still don’t know how to do that, haha! 😀

This one is my favorite even though it took longer than the first one. My time in is 9:20-9:45. I’m studying too how to achieve the light and shadow effect on speed painting. I was excited too because it was too cool to look at, I never drew like this before, it looked very sketchy and free flowing.

Here’s the  last one with hatches. I’ve forgotten how awesome it is to use hatches to create values and textures on drawings. I’m using Prang and Shin Han watercolors on a sketchpad that I bought last year. The paper I believe is only at 100-120gsm so so its kinda crinkley (full of crinkles).

I think I’m going to do more of this this whole week until my bear picked up the signal to get up and show up. Maybe I’ll do Kiki’s Delivery Service next 🙂

P.S. I acquired a new cat. My Bruce Wayne got a brother, Clark Kent!

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