A Refugee Process

It is hard enough to come up with an artwork from scratch, its harder (I think) though to make an artwork of an iconic figure. I mean, how do you make an icon iconic? This bothered me while making the artwork, Refugee for Mickey Serafica. I mentioned this to him when we met up weeks ago because he always asks artists to do the comic book character, Darna for his commissions. He is making our job as an artist really challenging! haha 😀 Anyway, here are the tidbits of our work process.

3 sketch studies in watercolor, so I can force practice 😛

The swatches, I find them important and essential now because I suck at color combination. It also helps with picturing the mood. This is the graphic designer in me talking, I got used to creating mood boards for branding it got adapted here at Mustard world. I start with the background first. This happens when I’m nervous with creating skin tones for full anatomical figures.

Then the skin tone. I’m obsessed with combining blue on skin and also with putting metallic gold on some elements.

My niece didn’t liked it when I put some small bleeding wound on Darna but this made the character looked less formidable and much more human. But yes, I just got obsessed with blood too. 😛

The finish artwork got some whacking brush details, small paint spurts to make it look grainy. These details can be viewed up close though. Something only Mickey can see now. 🙂

You can read the full Refugee story here.

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