The sky destructs itself. It was bleeding and weeps of smog.
Silently burning beneath this cemented land of grief is the buried soil that crumbles.

This was the end. I lived.
Judgement day passed by. It missed me.
Damnation snatched all the air from every breathing form. I still breathe.

Who would save me from my godly immortal self?
The only human left that is in me? This Earthly life who cannot even save herself against the END?

To be godly, I breathe. To be human, I choke.
To whichever I choose, I am a refugee of both.
Tell me, who would save me from this forsaken land of mine?

Fan art Commission Artwork for Mickey Serafica

Character Design based on Fanfiction local Komiks Darna of Sir Arnold Arre
11.693 x 16.535 inches
Pens, Acrylic, Watercolor on tea wash Mi Tientes Paper
* Rated PG
*This is probably the most challenging ever (EVER) artwork that I did. Also the most different one, I’m speaking about the mood and colors used. I was thinking of this situation for Darna at the end of time, I always wondered that maybe Darna’s greatest adversary is deciding what will be good for her two form as Narda and Darna. Unlike other superheroes that came from another universe or billionaires turned public heores, she has to protect both forms. She transforms in secret, like Batman and Spiderman, when it comes down to it, which form should she choose?

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