Flow and Drizzles

Before January ended, I went up hiking again, this time somewhere within the vicinity of my hometown in Rizal. Mt. Paliparan in Tanay Rizal stands 562 MASL at peak 2 summit and considered as a minor climb. What is it about mountains that I kept coming back? Seriously, its exhausting and can be quite expensive. What is it that I turned it into my own lover?


What is it about mountains that I feel spirited? I’ve been asking for quite some time when I did fell in love with these earthly boulders and greeneries. The weather can’t be trusted either, most of the time it drizzles and you just soak yourself cold and wet.


But then rainbows show up.


Maybe its the remoteness that I love. The weird disconnection but still somehow managed to connect to my insides.


Maybe its having enough fun, even my travel buddy thinks so. (yep that’s gollum)


Or maybe the challenge that the summit imposed and the exhilarating feeling to touch the tip of the flag.


Above all, its the movement. Everything keeps flowing. The blood, sweat, every muscles, the raised flag, the river to the falls and the people, they all move.


I love every bit of it. Even if all these questions remained unanswered, I love every bit of going up and feeling spirited.



Took these adventure via Trailadventours again, this time our adventure guide is Gilbert. I feel like I’m unlocking each guides whenever I go up 😀 I wonder who will be next?



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