Critter Cabinet

Earlier this year I received a small cabinet for a personal commission project, the challenge is to turn it into cabinet of critters! 😀 Never tried it before but since we are into trying other medium and explorations, let’s do this! Here’s the process that it went through so far.

Based on Miss Vivien’s brief, she  wanted it clean and simple, just small critter peeking out. So we sketch design it for her approval. We made some blue birds, fox and other four legged critters.



Once we finalized the critters to include, the numbers went down to 6 total illustration to be drawn all over the cabinet. I made another final sketch for this as well.


Also made the mock up, so Miss Vivien can visualize which sides the critters will go.


Another set of small revision and we were able to start with the cabinet, well at least once the contractor was able to finish painting the cabinet. And the cabinet was also an old one, Miss Vivien wanted to refurbished it with illustrations that is autumn-color-inspired.


And my cat seems to be addicted with the smell of the newly painted wood (?) Bruce has been sniffing away since it came and when I started painting on it. Or maybe he’s trying to pose like the fox.


Doing my best to finish all of them by next week. Oh and I’m able to balance my freelance work and painting on commissions better lately.  I think I deserve an ice cream for that at the end of the week! 😀


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