January Fly By

Its the end of January! yesterday I thought its still the 30th today only to be reminded by the desk calendar that it is the end of our first month. How did yours went? Hope it was good, mine well, almost passed by. 😀

Earlier December last year, I opened my commission window and it became a challenge to balance both my graphical design work and mustard world commissioned artworks. I am however, very thankful, SUPER thankful because the clients have been very accommodating. Here are some of the study sketches I did.

This one is the most challenging of all because how can you make an icon out of an icon? I think I overthink to much about that subconsciously, so the best thing I learned here is to just let that go, I mean, the client’s and my own approval and reaction that really matters…well hopefully 🙂


Here are critters sketches for a special project I’m doing. I took it outside of the commission line up because I’d like to make it more as a personal project  🙂


Another challenging one, can you guess who?


This butterfly nomnoms got really creepier while working on it. I think something brushed up my spine towards my neck. Cross-finger  it doesn’t get weird again. *_*


And the most special one is this another personal project, writing a story. I’ve been researching about my story line and I’d like to make it as much as possible a “possible plot”. I’ve been carrying this notebook around whenever I go out so that when something pops out I can write it down. I still prefer writing on notes or pieces of paper than putting it on my cellphone’s note, maybe its the old age kicking in 😛


That;s it for the updates, hopefully I can tick them off one by one on my list and wish me luck on my story writing. Kudos and hello February!

And for commission work, see details here:




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