A Mossy and Muddy Sightings


I was seeking for something bigger and challenging when I went to my 2nd solo climb at Mt. Purgatory as my year- end climb. And yet again, the mountain, trees, weather and its muddy soil taught humility. I was just another lover walking the earth.


Located up North at Bokod Benguet, Mt. Purgatory was rated 6/10 because of its long, (really long) trails to hike. There are 5 mountain summit: Mt. Mangagew, Mt. Pack (2290MASL), Mt. Purgatory (2080MASL), Mt. Bakian, Mt. Tangbaw, Mt. Komkompol (2329MASL). There were seasoned climbers who CAN traverse all five as dayhike. I am glad that the team I went to did it overnight. It was a very chill climb as our guides Kim and Sir Eugene led the way to our home stay.


It was an endless pine trees and moss so expect that it can be tough cold and muddy, forest like these thrives on cold and wet temperature. I did not expect to see some view or sunsets until we reach a clearing.


This looks like a red mountain peeking through the clouds.


Found some burning bush! 😀 We reached our home stay late, we ate dinner and slept…barely slept. It was so cold , I kept waking up every hour or so. I could not be much happier that the sun always rise 🙂 I think everybody on the team was happy that it was a glorious morning.


And look at our home stay, it looks like a small samurai village and they are using solar power! I  wish we can adapt this through out Philippines.


The whole team was able to finish the whole trail  earlier than expected, so good job! Woot!  One of the best thing I fell in love here are the new people I met. I think,I’m always awkward in person, its a great booster to actually talk and have less banal conversations.


Signing off here and looking forward to more hikes, mountains and stories this 2017.


4 thoughts on “A Mossy and Muddy Sightings

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