Art Commission Open


  • Fill up the COMMISSION FORM. Your price quotation will be sent upon receiving your form.
  •  I’ll be able to provide you (3)three rough study sketches based on your given brief and details. It will take (2-4)two to four working days for the study sketches to be finished. You can choose and finalize (1)one from these (3)three studies + any additional details or revisions to be noted.
  • If in any case you would want another study, please note of (2)two additional working days. I will be able to provide you 1 additional study sketch only.
  • Work process will take 1-3 weeks, depending on how much detailed the output is and the actual dimension of the finalized sketch.
  • 40% DP is required before we proceed working on the commissioned artwork. If in any case the client wishes to cancel, please note that there will be no refund of the 40% DP.
  • I’m using felt tip pens mostly, but also uses watercolor, acrylic and pens as add-ons. The paper used is mostly watercolor paper that are acid free , ranges from 180-260gsm. Other paper used is Canson Mi-tientes.
  • You have the option should you not want your commissioned artwork to be posted on Mustard World’s social media and blog 🙂 I value your privacy.
  • In line with Mustard World’s story telling, each and every artwork will be provided a curiosity story line. Like it or not, it is included.
  • Once commissioned work is finished, you may choose if you want it to be framed or not.  Additional fee for frames will be based on the actual size of the frame or the labor fee of the framer.
  • You may pick up the artworks or have it delivered. For delivery, please note that LBC do not accept framed artworks. The 60% remaining balance should be deposited before final artworks can be delivered. For pick ups, contact the artist for details. The 60% remaining balance can be given on-hand.
  • All finished artworks will be provided with Certificate of Authenticity. This outlines your ownership for the artwork and proof of its originality from the artist. Nonetheless, you cannot duplicate or use it in any manner of reproduction.
  • Commission Artworks is available to residents of Philippines (for now. Sorry international friends, will work on some  international shipping and details yet)


*Availability may depend accordingly.

**All your contact details and answers are all under discretion and will remain private.

That’s basically it. So, send me your thoughts or inquiries at and let’s create more curiosities!






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