Getting Lost and Sliding Back

Over the weekend, I was able to do my first major hike which I’ve been preparing for the last 4 weeks. I felt elated, exhausted and exposed but happy hormones surely kicked me hard 😀


Kibungan Circuit, located in La Trinidad Benguet is a big challenge with its 70 degrees ascent and very steep descent. I would definitely not recommend it to hikers who want to take beautiful photos without considering prior physical prep before having it a go. Its natural formation and ridges can be brutal with or without rain.

Just an hour after our trek, my sister and I got lost. We were at the lead in our group but our local guide was so fast we missed our trail. We went full 200 meters throttle from the trail and were sitting ducks on a spot while waiting for the middle group to arrived.


Thirty minutes gone, we re-traced our steps and found another path. Deciding to go for it, my sister and I were able to catch our sweeper! Yay! 😀

Day one rained on us, nonetheless it still failed to hide the amazing-ness of Kibungan. Trailadventure guide, Chito showed us the deck where we experienced the fog and clouds forming together. There were only 4 of us at that moment and it felt almost like we are being part of what is unfolding in front of us.


The climb was really exhausting but it was worth every pain and being soaked.


We arrived 7 hrs since we started and went to the summit the next day since its only sitting 200 meters above on our campsite.


It was a clear morning. My pair of foxy socks are thankful for the morning warmth. :’)


Of course I went up with our imaginary friends and curiosities. I was tempted to leave some notes but we have to live by the “leave no trace” rule.


I think the dew hustler liked that his photo is taken early in the morning too 😉


We started our descent at 9:am and I wasn’t able to take any photo!!! It was a pure steep descent, most of us fell, slipped and lost control. I reckoned I need to focus on my steps and recorded the scenery at least on my mind. Going down, we at the lead  slowed down to guarantee that the middle group won’t get lost since our lead guide, dondon was the one who knows that trail. It was late and dark when we reach the end of the trail.  The cherry on top was the fireflies hovering above when we turned off our head lamps. We are all wasted but the trip was something you can talk about on and on. Kudos as well to our very, incredibly patient and accommodating guides from trailadventours, Chito, Dondon and Dindin!


On a personal note, I’ve lost something really precious two months ago. That lost has opened this hollow gap that is really, stupendously scary. I was literally, mentally and emotionally lost. By the encouragement of my wonder-filled friends, I decided to challenge myself to face something physically scary, if not equally scary as that hollowness. Being back now, again in the city, I still think its scary but I understand better now and know that I can fill that hollowness with something new to grow. I am confident that this is a good way to slide back, loving myself better. 🙂




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