The Cloudpiercer


Upon the crimson light of the skies, a man pierced the clouds of sea and marmalade, striking every beat, every melody created by his guitar.


Steam Industry is at its height. Along came the decay of iron metal that has polluted the world we once knew. Anyone can barely breathe without a supply of oxygen enveloped inside the mechanical bubble head. The sky below is dark, murky and a bare light passes through the black fog with the help of the light bomb soaring.

A man longed to go above, beyond all these suffocation. He tinker his way with his guitar and knowledge in both music and engineering. The sound waves from strumming melodies and the steam created rebounds and repels the gravitational pull. He successfully flew above blackness, he pierced through the dark clouds and hovered, content to greet the sun again.


*The Cloudpiercer is a mini project illustration done for KR Arguelles’ first EP , an adventure-themed soundscape diary heavily influenced by video games music and contemporary rock guitar instrumental. You can check and DOWNLOAD CLOUDPIERCER at Bandcamp.

Here’s a sample of his work:


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