My Book Took Me Home


Books can take you to its own space and time within its pages. As you finish the last pages of the last chapter, the bulls will be ready to take you home.


Ever been kidnapped by the book bulls? These creatures are said to transport you when the golden light breathes life to your book. Off they let you ride on their back, going to and from the pages. One page to another, land to another land.

Upon reaching the last word of the last page’s ending, it will gladly escort you back to where you started. May it be inside a cafeteria or on that quaint chair you provided beside the window, the golden light almost giving its last light and POOF! the book breathes back its soul to another book of another reader.


*Read Part 1:  My Book Whisked Me Away


*Artwork created for Booklat 2016: A fundraising event to build more libraries and recreational learning space in areas most needed in Philippines.


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