Curiouser and Curiouser

Three or two more days and we are all headed to another year. It is not just a wonderful thought but an exciting one. For the past months I have tried to set my mind of being an amateur as preparation for 2016 Curiouser and Curiouser year for Mustard world.

Curiouser and Curiouser will be a series of workshops, art caravan and special projects I’ll be participating in the coming year. I decided to put a name or title on each year as a series of events for mustard world so it would remind me of why I do what I do. This year mantra is pushing our little world’s theme: Curiosity. Yes! push!


I traced back the creative process in my medium, felt tip pens and let myself become an amateur by observing and jotting down to document all I can share for future workshop.

Because I haven’t found another human who uses felt tip pens the same as I do and the ones I’m using doesn’t really have numbers or color name, I needed to mark each colors available by number and create a swatch for each.


I also got a bit broke because I wanted to try different papers and quality inks and watercolor to experiment and mix with felt tip pens. Here’s a little experiment with The Little Prince fan art. By the way, some may not like how the movie was executed, but I really liked it. I understood it better 🙂


I bought a watercolor and other medium how to’s book to better understand how other medium works and maybe apply it to felt tip pens.  That is if Bruce would let me.


As mustard world prepare to say hello to next year and bid goodbye to the last 12 months, I decided to leave another written notes from the postcards that I still have. Sometimes I leave them on random places when I go out.


I am also a bit sun burnt, we spent after Christmas  in Batangas. I am happy because I’ve missed my water element and can be with my family. It’s also a good “before-year-ender” and helps to clearing out the mind. Its much clearer on where and what I wanted. My brain cells loved the low tide and sun rise. It became a habit to me to see the sun rise when I travel and each sunrise is different from another.


From Mustard World, even though we started late, thank you for another great year! Hope everyone will have an awesome year ahead and stay golden guys! 🙂

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