We got an invitation last month from Typekita to participate on a Type Exhibit.  The group is a community of type lovers and enthusiast in the Philippines. It has been growing since they started and this year they focused on passing on the passion by collaboration.  I’m not a type artist so I was a bit surprised and nervous to be invited but this year’s concept is really good so we said YES.

Thankful to this book, Jessica Hische’s In Progress I got comfortable that I can be a better letterer even if I’m not good as a calligrapher. Calligraphers write words where as letterers draw them. Given my background, I worked on my strength to design and illustrate.  Oh thank you Jessica Hische!


The main concept of my entry is the feeling we get when we create. Obrakadabra is a mashup of the word Obra (masterpiece) and Abrakadabra (magic phrase). I think creating is something wondrous about to happen. Its not there yet,  but its there. Here’s the work in progress of the magic bunnies.


I was also visited by the migrating moth last moth. I usually get mild asthmatic period on October to November (maybe from pollens?)  and last two years ago a moth rested on my legs while I was waiting for the train. This year, this mustard color moth came by.


Finishing up, here is the final output of Obrakadabra.


I went by last week at the exhibit but wasn’t able to go around much. I did took photo of my favorite including Sir Robert Alenjandro’s water color work.


My eyes feasted on this paper cut work too.


That’s it for today! This was originally posted last night but the content went weirdly blank.  Do get updates on what I’m currently working on via Facebook and Instagram. They’re not much and I don’t post often but I sometimes share illustrations that I do impulsively on some days 🙂 Hope to see you there!

line mustard-world_footer


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