Hi guys! It’s been another hectic week but yay–we survived it! Anyway if you’re able to read the last week’s latest curiosity, Half Moon, (thank you!) and is interested in the process, here’s the behind the scenes.

The story was first drafted a couple of months back and made a small artwork on it. I’ve been a bit hesitant to post it because of how scientifically impossible it was.  But Mustard world is about stretching the limits of wonders, so we just go with it.  I decided to go with paper cuttings and keeping it minimal. To jump start some inspiration, we started creating the moon and his triangular long nose.


It went how i desire it to be. At right light angles, it casts natural shadow which added to the 3d effect of the composition.


After the moon, Mr. Wood Worker came next. I think i made him too small which is a challenge to my unsteady hands.


I illustrate each parts of him separately and put them together so it also creates layers.


The most detailed part was producing the trees. My hands went really stiff here but i really liked the contrast it creates to the black background.MUSTARDWORLD_BEHIND HALFMOON_THE TRESS

When everything was finished, I had my camera on and started taking photos. 🙂 There was this shot that I really like but wasn’t used because it didn’t fit the size of each post. The shadow of the nose, the wood worker, and the background looked really great and as one.


Anyway, that’s pretty much how half moon was concocted. Hope you’ll enjoy our next curiosity next month which also happened to be the 2016 already! Time flies (ooops! a little clue on what our next curiosity is about)

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10 thoughts on “BEHIND HALF MOON

  1. I agree with Sharon! It’s great to read about the behind the scenes.
    I had not realized that the trees had such intricate paper cuts when reading your last post. I thought you’d painted the black parts.
    I can understand that you got stiff hands! But the result is fantastic. I love your work!

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