Half Moon

In one snowy night, a sad full moon illuminates his subdued light atop the mountains of the north. The sky was dark and everything is white.


On the same night, a passing wood worker journeying back to south saw the diffused light of the moon. He asked the moon “Why is your light so sad, Mr. Moon? I cannot see my path and rely solely on you.”


The moon as he reasoned out, is looking for his other half. Only a few days ago, there are two halves if him and he was happy that he is not alone. The night can be too dark on long winter nights.

The wood worker stopped and thought for a while. And then he went atop the highest peak of northern mountain and opened his rucksack.


An apple, his hammer and other tools. He took his brush and black paint out and started painting the moon. He reached out his arms and asked the moon to turn around and back. In the cold winter night, the wood worker painted the moon’s other half.


The moon was happy. His companion came back! He thanked the wood worker and lighted his way back to the southern lands. The moon was never alone again.


He is the brightest half moon in the sky.

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