Reconcile with Your Own Genius

After a long hiatus, last week I was (finally) able to sit and relaunch Mustard World. If you had time to go around the blog (thank you if you were able to), everything has changed; from the stories to everything else. I had a big trouble taking down all the stories and illustrations and even read a lot of the messages that you guys gave. Thank You again! There is no excuse for the long absence except for the fact that my mind got too cluttered or most probably overwhelmed from what is happening. Late last year, everything became too fast! Suddenly, I have to rush to meet art fairs, local invites for exhibit, create posts on mustard world and finish deadlines for my freelancing. I forgot that I am a one-man team. Somewhere, along that path that I took, I totally forgot what and why I do Mustard World. So I stopped chasing and trying to follow how others artists do it and started to reconcile with my own genius.

mustard world_post 01_genius

I told myself that I wanted to re-create the blog, where I’ll be able to create and share the stories in a more extended version. I wanted readers to see more on how I view them. Then a previous story, the Pear of Northumberland kept popping up in my head and I wanted so much to redo it. My mind became cluttered again as to where I should start or how it will/should look like. So I experimented instead to pass some time.mustard world_post 01_mustard world header

I decided to try paper cuttings. Since I do no want to veer away from my existing  style, I opted to hand draw and color the details individually which I later cut off with a dexacto knife. My thumb went numb but I liked how it turned out 🙂 I didn’t know at that time that it was my first step with reconciling with my craft.  Then I started doodling and sketching. Just random insects and botanical stuffs. But my mind kept drifting to the story of a pear, so i started sketching the pear riding a fox, then another character sprout and another one popped. I have to also write some random words related to the pear. I knew then that my genius wanted to get back to work.

mustard world_post 01_character sketches

So in between freelance works and personal pursuits, I work with Mustard World. No pressure, no deadline. Just pure respect for the craft. The materials needed for the story grew as October came. I document them as much as possible so I could also share the process.

mustard world_post 01_wood pecker

Working with the pear’s origin was the first illustration. Following are the musketeers then the pear himself. I’m using felt tip pens as my medium, but I’m currently mixing it with watercolor to create different effects. mustard world_post 01_pierced heart

mustard world_post 01_the pear is born

As much as I love to make the story pure illustrations, there was this tiny little voice that kept saying to try another route as well. I listen to that genius and created patterns that can be used as tea wrappers.  I scanned and printed them on tracing paper and my heart leaped! They loooooked lovely. So I decided to give this new “route” a try.

mustard world_post 01_tea bags

I also printed some on round stickers as labels on tin cans and tried to give it some age.

mustard world_post 01_tin cans

My hands went rubber stamping for the Asian theme tea ( its actually eraser, haha).mustard world_post 01_tea stampI went paper cutting again with the typography for truth. At this stage, I already stopped thinking too much about the total outcome of the story or if someone will read it or not. Its just about going for it and doing it. I didn’t matter what step I am in but the certain feeling that you are progressing is enough fuel to keep going.

mustard world_post 01_truth in progress

And then the pear was born. I researched a ready-made pattern of a 3d pear and found it on this site: . You can find other various fruits to download as well. I water color it and added details with my felt tips.

mustard world_post 01_making of pear

Some of the leaf that you’ll see on the stories are hand painted too.

mustard world_post 01_make believe leaf

I let myself get lost, go all the way,  tried a different perspective and listened to that tiny voice that ancient Romans called as our own genius.  Working together and listening with it created so much more than what I imagined. Whenever I sit on my work area today, I sometimes talk to it and ask what idea, what process and what purpose are we doing today?

mustard world_post 01_messy table

Read the Pear of Northumberland

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11 thoughts on “Reconcile with Your Own Genius

  1. Thanks for sharing your process with us! I loved the line “the certain feeling that you are progressing is enough fuel to keep going”; and talking about getting lost in your work, beautiful 🙂

    1. Thank you ellen! It takes a lot of discipline to keep the fuel burning, i have a lot of hard moments keeping up too. Reading feedbacks from you guys and how you can relate with it reminds me that there are other people who shares the same passion 🙂

  2. I was so happy to see your last post, and it’s so interesting to see how you did it all! You painted the pear so amazingly! I thought it was made of wood! Still love your style of drawing as much as I did when I first found your blog. The hubby was happy to see your return too! x

    1. Hi miss ling! I’m not sure if my reply was sent last 2 days ago bec. I can’t see it. Anyway, its really great to see everybody here again and i miss your encouraging words too 🙂 i hope you and your hubby are doing great! Stay inlove, you two ❤

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